Creamsource Micro LED 2-Head Kit with V-Lock Batteries

Creamsource Micro LED 2-Head Kit with V-Lock Batteries


The Creamsource Micro LED is the ultimate in quality, versatility, ruggedness and compact design. Featuring a powerful weatherproof head with a wide adjustable colour temperature range from 2700K – 6500K to match whatever existing available light you happen to be in. Unlike most bi-color fixtures, the Micro maintains constant power output. The kit includes a DOP Choice SnapBag softbox and Wide Angle Drop-in 60° Lens for each head.

Fan-free passive cooling ensures silent operation for sound shoots and a High Speed Mode also provides flicker-free performance up to 1000 fps. There’s also a sync input for triggering and syncing to your camera’s shutter (Flashbandit & Lockit box required).

The IP65 rating of the Creamsource Micro Heads and Blueshape V-Lock 100Wh HD Splash Batteries  means it can operate in continuous rain or low pressure water jets from all directions.

The 100Wh Batteries are also airline-safe  (carry-on only, max of 2 per person – always confirm with your particular airline).

Included items:

2x Creamsource Micro LED Bi-colour Heads w/5/8″ receiver yokes

2x DopChoice Micro SnapBag 40x40cm (1.3’x1.3′) recessed Softboxes with 1/2 + Full-stop front diffusers

2x Mains Power Unit with PSU Mounting Plates

2x 3M mains-power leads

2x V-Lock Battery Mounting Plates

2x Blueshape HD 100Wh Splash V-Lock Batteries

1x Blueshape Dual-battery fast charger & mains-powered lead

2x Wide Angle Drop-In 60° Lenses

2x Creamsource Softbag Padded Cases

2x C-stands (no grip-heads/arms)


Output: 80W (approx equivalent to 200W HMI or 1k tungsten)

Water-resistant: The IP65 rating of the Creamsource Micro Head means it can survive continuous rain or low pressure water jets from all directions ( but not full submersion)

Power source: 240v mains power unit or V-Lock 100Wh HD Splash Batteries (IP65 Weather Rating of both the Micro Head and the HD Splash Battery)

LED Panel dimensions: 22cm x 20.7cm (8”x9”)

Beam Angle: 13° standard or 60° with included Wide Angle Drop-In  Lens

Softbox face dimensions: 40cm x 40cm (1.3’x1.3′) with 1/2 + Full-stop diffusers

Weight: Packed in included kit bags; approx 6kg (excluding V-Lock Batteries, charger & stands)

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Creamsource Micro LED 2-Head Kit with V-Lock Batteries

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