Profoto Acute B2 600Ws Lithium Battery-powered flash generator Kit

Profoto Acute B2 600Ws Lithium Battery-powered flash generator Kit


The Acute B2 is Profoto’s smallest flash generator but it still packs 600Ws of power over a 7 f-stop range and for those that love shooting wide open it can be dialled right down to 9Ws! The AcuteB flash head is smaller and lighter than the ProHeads but all of the Profoto accessories and light shapers are still compatible as the head diameter is the same.

The light weight of the flash head makes it perfect for an assistant to hold with an accessory handle or light pole.

Included in Kit:

1x Acute B2 Air-S 600Ws Generator

2x Acute B2 batteries

1x mains power charger

1x Acute B2 Flash Head with protective cap

1x Profoto Spill-kill reflector

1x Profoto AirRemote Transceiver

1x Back-up sync lead

1x Manfrotto 004 Master Stand

1x Profoto attache carry case



Power Rating: 600Ws adjustable in 2 stop or 2/10th stop increments over 7 f-stops with a minimum of 9Ws

Flashes per full charge: 240 flashes at full power

Compatible Flash Head: AcuteB (not compatible with larger capacity Profoto generators). 

Flash Head cable length: 3M

Reflector included: Yes – Spill-kill reflector included

Flash head sockets: 1

Recycling time: 0.06 – 2 sec

Flash-ready signal: Yes – ready lamp and switchable beep sound

Auto power dumping: Yes

Flash duration: 1/1000 – 1/6800 sec (based on the t0.5 standard)

Modelling Lamp: 65W (use sparingly to reserve flash power)

Radio sync: Yes – integrated into pack with 300m range using the Profoto AirRemote (supplied). There are 8 channels and 6 groups so easily isolated from other units being used in same area. Can also be synced by sync chord (supplied as b/up)

Photocell/IR slave: Yes – can be switched off

Accessories available: All of Profoto’s light shapers fit the AcuteB heads and supports the zoom function. Softboxes require the standard Profoto speed ring.

Fan cooled: No – convection cooled

Air Travel safe: Yes – 60.7Wh Lithium LiFe Batteries (always check with your particular airline to confirm and declare at check-in)

Weight: Generator – 3.6Kg incl. LiFe battery, Head: 1.8Kg, whole kit incl. case (excl stand) 9.1Kg

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Profoto Acute B2 600Ws Lithium Battery-powered flash generator Kit

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