Apple Box Set

Apple Box Set


Apple box set of 4 in standard sizes of pancake, quarter, half and full. One of the handiest bits of gear on set – great for levelling, propping, sitting or standing on etc.


Pancake: 470 x 254 x 25mm (18.5 x 10 x1″) Weight: 1.55kg

Quarter: 470 x 254 x 50mm (18.5 x 10 x 2″) Weight: 1.75kg

Half: 470 x 254 x 100mm (18.5 x 10x 4″) Weight: 2.10kg

Full: 470 x 254 x 200mm (18.5 x 10x 8″) Weight: 3.5kg

Total Weight: 8.9kg


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Apple Box Set

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